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    CONJENCTURE: This theory will be updated every time a new shirt or a new fanart contest is announced, so be sure to check back here whenever that occurs.

    So Tia just made a seemingly innocent update video. However, she said one thing that may just be a clue to solving the mystery of Treasure Island. She said, "Each of these fanart contests is a clue about something in the game."


    Well, the first contest was to draw a character from Darkwing Duck in the style of a Treasure Island suit. There are a couple of different ways to interpret this:

    1. Darkwing Duck could be a new suit. (She did strongly imply that there were going to be more suits.)


    2. Disembodied has never killed a single person. Even when he had a body, he never did any of the…

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    CONJENCTURE: These theories were imported from my blogs on the original wiki. I will post more theories on this wiki when I come up with them, so do not expect them to be on a regular basis.

    The Photo-Negative Mickey suit is the Face of this game, so it must be important to the plot. A lot of people have been saying it is a mispainted suit, but I believe that the real mispaint is Suicide Mouse; as he is not black and white, but simply much darker than the normal Mickey Mouse. (For comparison, see Unknown Cam 2, and the Mickey head in it. Also, Suicide Mouse has really dark red pants.) No, the Photo-Negative Suit was vandalized, and the vandal used the suit to spread it. What is it? Why, the brain parasite that got Treasure Island Abandoned …

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