CONJENCTURE: This theory will be updated every time a new shirt or a new fanart contest is announced, so be sure to check back here whenever that occurs.

Theory #4: Superlatives

So Tia just made a seemingly innocent update video. However, she said one thing that may just be a clue to solving the mystery of Treasure Island. She said, "Each of these fanart contests is a clue about something in the game."


Well, the first contest was to draw a character from Darkwing Duck in the style of a Treasure Island suit. There are a couple of different ways to interpret this:

1. Darkwing Duck could be a new suit. (She did strongly imply that there were going to be more suits.)


2. Disembodied has never killed a single person. Even when he had a body, he never did any of the killing. No, he was the Batman type: he would do his best to capture the criminal, but he NEVER kills. If worse comes to worst, he will defer to another suit.



Also, what about those t-shirts?


We see a heavily shaded, slighty off-color Mickey and Oswald standing on opposite sides of a Treasure Island logo.


We see the weird Mickey beginning to decay, while being flanked on either side by Suicide Mouse. This could mean that Suicide Mouse's mere presence can make people (or other suits) go insane and (possibly) harm themselves, or even tear themselves apart.


It is titled "CENTER STAGE", and is the image of Suicide Mouse from the livestream announcement AnArt put up on his Deviantart page. In the description of the Shirt, it asks, "What does that mean for you?" Could Suicide Mouse be more important than we thought? Hmm....


"Undying secretly wants to be a red crayon." - Old Wiki


It's an ad for a radio show involving Solid Snake.


It's a song reference, I think. What song? I don't remember. Also, It's just new mickey at a very, very low saturation.


Oswald finally found his Disney Magic.





I can't find the button. (This isn't a description of the poster; there is no poster button.)

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