Hello. This is a WIP unofficial changelog. If you find something missing, tell me in the comments, like a version or a secret, or if a feature was added in a previous version that was only noticed in the latest.

Initial release.

More info coming soon.

  • Photo-Negative Mickey no longer disappears from camera view.
  • Two images for Oswald were added:
    • Image of Oswald standing up in the Storage Room was added.
    • Image of Oswald in the Lounge.
  • A new suit, Suicide Mouse (now Mortimer), was added.
  • A new location, Broadcasting Room, was added.
  • A new feature called Hiding was added.
  • Oswald no longer appears in the main menu.
  • When the player gets killed by one of the suits, static will play.
  • The images on the main menu have been revised.
  • The main menu jumpscare has been replaced with the end game option.
  • Night 1 lasts forever, and is the only night.

  • Rewritten using Clickteam Fusion 2.5.
  • Oswald appears on the main menu again.
  • The Face appears on the main menu.
  • Hiding has been removed.
  • Photo-negative Mickey and Oswald are the only suits.
  • Cameras and The Office redone.
  • There is a new main menu jumpscare.
  • The end game option has been removed.
  • Phone calls have been removed.
  • Night 1 is still the only night, although it is finite again.
  • Added the roof camera.

  • All of the features from Remastered 1.0 are back, except for Suicide Mouse.
  • Photo-negative Mickey has been replaced by Willy.
  • Night 3 is added.
  • The phone calls are redone.
  • Henry's Night 3 phone call has been added.
  • UO has been added, yet with a bugged AI.
  • Added Impure Mouse, no longer a photo-negative version of Minnie.

  • Bug fixes

  • Final version of the game.
  • Bug fixes, such as UO showing up in The Office.
  • Nightmare Suicide Mouse from Five Nights at Treasure Island: The Nightmare Before Disney can be occasionally seen on Cam 1.

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