Hi everyone! My bad for the blog title that I did yesterday. I don't know how to change a title. Anyway I will remake my tale which I created called Disney`s end! (not everything is true, the kid accident is true)

Chapter 1: A new Friend 1990,4PM

It was a dark day for Disney corporation. Because of the fact someone got traumatized/paralyzed in the tower of terror. Because of this the parents of the child sued Disney and the millions dollars work was demolished. "God Darnit! One little kid and the entire attraction is destroyed!" Said the boss in anger. Smashin his cup of coffee to the desk to the point it broke and coffee squirted everywhere. One of the Workers asked the boss "But sir you do know that kid is your cousin? And you treat him like trash?" Suddenly the door opened and a strange man appeared and suggested the workers about an new idea... "Pressurized Arms and Legs, Advanced Voice box and Hightened intelligence...What the heck is this?" said one of the workers called Hank. He stated that he is planning on making the best android ever created, but lacks the money. "Excuse me for not mentioning my name, I am Davis Anderson. The Best engineer in the whole continent!" "And who do you want us to do with...this?" Said Hank in a confused voice. Davis grabbed another file and showed Treasure island. All of them had huge eyes to use an entire island just for one robot. "This island is called Weran Tudra. No one knows why they call it like that." The Boss was filled with excitement and agreed on the idea. "So lemme get this straight you want this entire island changed into a tourist place?" "Yes do you agree on the plan?" Said Davis. The other workers were a little suspicious about the island and did not trust Davis that easily. "What do you call this Android exactly Davis?" Said Hank. Davis Later said this one sentence." "For now, Lets call this android GOD." Said Davis while walking to the exit of the office.

Well well Davis might be a cool guy but what else is up to his sleeve and most importantly, Why does the Island have such a strange name? For the next time!

See you guys later!

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