• Groot1

    Oblitus Casa

    August 17, 2015 by Groot1

    Going to make this one short guys. Yes Oblitus Casa is a thing. You can Follow the game here

    Go show your love for it. ^^

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  • Groot1

    Short little blog to let you all know we remade the tumblr. We would ask you guys please ask questions signed in instead of annoynamous.

    What we are doing with this one is we have a group of amazing artists who are going to draw up the answers to your questions and the voice actors of the game are going to read the answers from the comic. The artists write up the answers and everything themselfs we just read it no matter how silly!

    Of course the rules apply please don't ask about characters that are no longer in the game. Please don't be rude since this will be a basically in charater tumblr.

    This Tumblr wont be giving away spoilers its purely for fun. Your all welcome to submit fan art through deviant art and the like and we would be happy t…

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  • Groot1

    One Last Game Update

    August 4, 2015 by Groot1

    Alright guys I wanted to let all of you who do not go on the Jolt page know what is going on. For now the group is putting the game on a very very long Hiatus. We have other things we need to finish before we can even think of returning to the game.

    We may return to this game in a few months to continue working on it or we may end up simply letting it die. A lot of it will depend on what all of you do. A lot of the problem with why we don't want to continue the game is because of the Drama and the fact no one wants to give our story a chance.

    Just like with Jolt we will pose this question to all of you. Are you willing to give our story and characters a chance? We will absolutely not return to the old story which I want to stress very highly…

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  • Groot1

    Hey guys purity here!

    Just wanted to let you all know we are hard at work on the new trailer. If you guys see a page get deleted by either Subwoofer, R3draw, or I please do not readd it. There is a reason we are deleting pages which we will go over once the new trailer is out.

    A lot has been added to the game and sadly a lot has been changed or removed. This saturday during our Fan night at treasure island livestream we will hopefully talk a little bit about that.

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