Photo Negative Mickey

aka The Possessed Suit

  • My occupation is Exploring Treasure Island, being Negative.
  • I am a male mouse Suit
  • Photo Negative Mickey

    I don't know if i'm allowed to ask or not, but just in case, i will ask here in this Blog Post.

    So i have recently played the new FNaTI demos and they are amazing to play and really scary. But my question is, if willy is the now the Main Character instead of PNM, who exactly is the normal Mickey that's on the Header of the Gamejolt page and also the title of this Wiki. Is he going to be an Easter Egg? A future character? Or is he just there as a Mascot to show the Project off.

    As just seeing the Normal  Mickey with the Human eyes always got me curious, because after seeing the first demo by the new Devolopment team, i was thinking that the normal Mickey was going to be in it, but it turned out to be Willy (The Black and white mouse) so since…

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