aka Byran.

  • I live in A sad, sad place.
  • My occupation is Giant fraud.
  • I am Male, unfortunately.
  • ShiverCold64

    Now, stuff is hitting teh fan. Le reezin for dis iz dis:

    Photo-Negative Mickey iz being remooved from teh game. D: OMGF WUT IZ DIS WICHCREFT?!?!1?!!1!?

    I am back on teh wiki becoz I need 2 fixez le stuf dat haz been teh messezed up wivs. Not teh deleetid paijiz, teh stuf dat haz been teh messezed up wivz.

    Alzo, dere wil bee a noo karactur on FNaTI. How excite?!?!11?!/1?!/!?!1337?!?!??!666?!?!?!

    (Spelt bad and has bad grammar because Teh Internets).

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  • ShiverCold64

    I am leaving this wiki. There are multiple reasons for this:

    1. Some of the pages I put on here (which were on the original wiki) have been deleted for no apparent reason.

    2. There's never anything to actually do on here anymore.

    3. There's hardly anyone on this wiki.

    4. I don't ike the fact that I exist (but wot's dat gott 2 doo wif it, tho?)

    So yeah. If you think these aren't good enogh reasons to leave, and that I'm just arrogant, you're WROG.


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  • ShiverCold64

    (Don't ask about the title again (ore eye wil noescoepe u)).

    Why is hardly anyone here?! Seriously, I've been on this wiki for like 3 days, and I rarely see someone ele on the Wiki Activity Page. D:

    F34R W1LL C0N5UM3 Y0U Don't decode that.

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  • ShiverCold64

    (Don't ask about the title). (Ore I wil sumin teh brayn ov cuthoolo (misspelt purposefully)).

    Anyways, I am completely clueless. There's a new wiki, there's hardly any pages on it yet, where are all of the people who used to go on the original wiki, and who the HELL is leaking images?! Also, after about a month, no-one's told me what the drama that happened on the original wiki was about yet. :( I don't know anything about what's currently going on.

    .osla yffulf era snrocinU Don't reverse that.

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