• Swagwell

    Why are you making this?

    August 11, 2015 by Swagwell

    Ok, the title may sound rude, but I just have to ask this. Why are you making this new wiki? Here are the features of the FNaTI Wikias:

    Old Wiki:

    • Less complicated names, and names are easier to pronounce or understand.
    • Nicer design, while it was just Character Prep 1, it's better then this wiki's.
    • A nicely organised gallery for every page, if it had a gallery.
    • Floating images, cleverly made with pixels or possibly photoshop.

    New Wiki:

    • More complicated names, harder to understand and pronounce.
    • A less thought-out logo. All it is is Mickey's face next to the wiki's name.
    • There isn't even a gallery or more then one image on every page.
    • Not even ONE FLOATING IMAGE is on this wiki.

    So, on conclusion, the wiki is basically just a place, where you just look…

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