Ok, the title may sound rude, but I just have to ask this. Why are you making this new wiki? Here are the features of the FNaTI Wikias:

Old Wiki:

  • Less complicated names, and names are easier to pronounce or understand.
  • Nicer design, while it was just Character Prep 1, it's better then this wiki's.
  • A nicely organised gallery for every page, if it had a gallery.
  • Floating images, cleverly made with pixels or possibly photoshop.

New Wiki:

  • More complicated names, harder to understand and pronounce.
  • A less thought-out logo. All it is is Mickey's face next to the wiki's name.
  • There isn't even a gallery or more then one image on every page.
  • Not even ONE FLOATING IMAGE is on this wiki.

So, on conclusion, the wiki is basically just a place, where you just look and things and learn without any images. In the old wiki however, there are images to look and learn about the game, and progress through it, and the logo isn't very good, if I had to rate it, it would be 2/10. (This is ban fuel, isn't it?)

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